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Chapter 13: The Greatest Troops of All Time

Inside the large, classy tent, sat two men. One was General Sarutobi, who sat on one side of a map and model, using a stick to point out different areas of the map to the other man sitting opposite him. The other man looked different then Sarutobi. He has orange hair and lightly accented muscles on his arms, though he covered them up somewhat more that Sarutobi did. His skin was a little darker than the General's, and his eyes were far more calm and soothing than Sarutobi’s blazing dark - they were a calm, caring purple colour.

"The fiends have struck here, here and here" General Sarutobi said in a factual manner, indicating areas on the map. "I will take the troops up to the South Eastern pass and stop the Nagato before he destroys this village."

"Excellent strategy, sir" Sasuke said, grinning. "I do love surprises." He laughed.

The two blackened looked at him, unimpressed, and he stopped laughing. They turned back to each other, and the General continued.

"You will stay and train the new recruits" he instructed, authority in his voice. "When Sasuke believes you are ready, you will join us…," he said, handing a sword to the younger blackened. "…captain."

The other took the sword and stared at it, disbelievingly.

"Captain?" he whispered.

Sasuke gave a short cry of protest.

"This is an enormous responsibility, General" he argued. "Perhaps a solider with more experience…"

"Number one in his class" the General interrupted. "Extensive knowledge of training techniques, and impressive military leader skills. I believe Pein Sarutobi will do an excellent job."

"Oh, I will" the brunette, Pein, promised eagerly. "I won't let you down. This is, I mean …" He cleared his throat and bowed customarily to the General. "Yes, sir."

"Very well, then" Sarutobi nodded, standing and heading out of the tent. "We'll toast China's victory at the Imperial City." He turned to Sasuke. "I'll expect a full report in three weeks."

Sasuke nodded, and as the General walked out, turning to Pein and glared.

"And I won't leave anything out." He then followed the General.

Choji stood still, getting the situation together in his head.

"Captain Pein Sarutobi. Leader of China's finest troops …" He grinned. "No, the greatest troops of all time."

He laughed quietly to himself and walked out of the tent.

Outside the tent was chaos. The men - the future soldiers, no less - were fighting amongst themselves, bashing heads off the ground and throwing punches and kicks like there was no tomorrow. Lee had a fish in one hand which he was using to slap someone across the face. Kiba was sitting on some poor soul and repeatedly hitting them. Choji was eating rice.

Sarutobi, Pein and Sasuke stared at them in disbelief.

One soldier who had been thoroughly beaten walked up to them, his eye blackened, and raised his hand to his forehead in a salute. He then collapsed to the ground. Sarutobi and Pein looked at each other.

"Most impressive" Sasuke remarked sarcastically.

General Sarutobi stepped over the man on the ground and got onto his white Imperial stallion. He turned back to Pein and grinned.

"Good luck, Captain" he said, before leading his horse out of the camp grounds, a whole line of other professional soldiers following after on their horses.

"Good luck … Father" Pein murmured.

The General and his troops disappeared from view, more horses and soldiers joining them as they ran to fight the enemy.

Sasuke then turned to Pein and smirked.

"Day one" he smiled smugly.

Pein growled softly and marched over to the squabbling men.

"Soldiers!" he shouted.

Everyone stilled, Kiba taking the moment to punch the man in his grasp one last time in the face, and then everyone drew back and pointed at the cowering blackened soldier on the ground.

"He started it!" they said simultaneously.

Pein marched over to the cowering soldier. Seeing him approaching, Tobi dived into Konan's collar and hid. Konan noticed him herself and hastily stood up, brushing the dirt off her clothes. Pein glared at her and put his face very close to hers.

"I don't need anyone causing trouble in my camp" he said firmly.

"Sorry" Konan said quietly, and then she remembered that she was supposed to be a man and cleared her throat. "Eh, I mean, I'm sorry you had to see that!" she growled in her man's voice, while hitting her chest in what she hoped was a manly fashion. "But you know how it is, when you get one of those … manly urges. And you just gotta kill something!" she hit her own hand and flinched at the pain, shaking her hand. "Fix things … pick fights …"

"What's your name?" Pein interrupted, irritated.

Konan started stammering a whole lot of nonsense. Damn it, I didn't even think on a new name, she thought in a panic.

Sasuke marched over to her.

"Your commanding officer just asked you a question" he growled.

"Eh … I've got a name. And, it's a boy's name, too" she nodded.

Can Konan be a boy's name? I don't know. I can't risk it, she thought.

Behind her neck, Tobi grinned.

"Kiba, how about Lee?" he suggested.

"His name is Lee" she muttered to the dragon, turning her head to indicate the black haired man.

"I didn't ask for his name" Pein said to her. "I asked for yours."

"Eh … uh … Atchoo" Tobi said despairingly.

"Atchoo" Konan repeatedly.

"Atchoo?" Pein muttered, unconvinced.

"Gazuntight. Heh, I kill myself" Tobi laughed.

"Tobi" Konan hissed.

"Tobi?" Pein said.

"No!" Konan protested.

"Then what is it?" Pein shouted at her.

"Kevin!" Tobi whispered. "Kevin was my best friend growing up!"

"It's Kevin!" Konan said to Pein.

"Kevin?" Pein asked, raising one eyebrow.

"Hmm, of course Kevin did steal my …" Tobi contemplated, before Konan threw her arm back over her head and closed her fist around the dragon's mouth.

"Yes. My name is Kevin" she said.

Pein sighed in annoyance.

"Let me see your conscription notice" he demanded.

Hastily, Pein grabbed it and handed it to the bluenette. He scanned it, Sasuke reading over his shoulder.

"Jiraiya Senju …the Jiraiya Senju?" Pein muttered.

"I didn't know Jiraiya had a son!" Sasuke said in disbelief.

"Eh … he … he doesn't talk about me much" Konan - or Kevin, as she had named herself - said, and then she tried to spit on the ground as she had seen the men around her doing, but she managed to mess it up, a trail of saliva leading from her lips to the ground.

"I can see why" Sasuke whispered to Pein. "The boy's an absolute lunatic!"

The men around them all laughed.

Pein sighed and then stood up straight, walking around Konan.

"Okay, gentlemen" he addressed the crowd. "Thanks to your new friend Kevin, you'll spend tonight picking up every single grain of rice!" Everyone slouched over in disgust as he said that. "And tomorrow," he continued, everyone straightening up again, "the real work begins!"

As Pein walked off, Sasuke following, the men all snarled and glared at Konan, ready to kill for what she'd brought on them.

Tobi popped up from her collar as she looked terrified at the men surrounding her. He looked at her, unconvinced.

"You know, we're gonna have to work on your people skills."

It’s a long chapter, the next chapter will be up soon.
General Sarutobi and Pein were talking about important stuff. Outside the tent, the fight and argueing continued.
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